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Becky’s purpose: Helping you to achieve your potential through Hypnotherapy, Counselling, NLP and Mindfulness techniques.

Becky works with adults and children, and specialises in working with stress and anxiety and related issues.

  • Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society
  • Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society
  • Licensed NLP Master Practitioner
  • Trained in Mindfulness based stress reduction at the University of Bangor Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice

Events by Becky Burdon

45 minutes of mindfulness meditation using a variety of mindfulness techniques. Open to complete beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Services offered by Becky Burdon


Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Hypnosis for therapeutic purposes is becoming more “main-stream” but there is still much ignorance about it. Hypnotherapy is not the same as the stage hypnosis you see on television; it is a gentle and non-invasive technique. Hypnosis focuses the mind whilst a person is in a state of relaxation. The relaxation of mind and body has the effect of turning attention inward and awakening the senses. Under hypnosis attention becomes more focused, just as a magnifying glass can concentrate the sun’s rays to become powerful enough to start a fire. A person will have a heightened awareness of internal sensations, and as this happens awareness of the external environment and everyday concerns is reduced. Therapeutic suggestions can be made to the person’s powerful sub-conscious and through these, changes to behaviour and thought patterns can be made, allowing the person to achieve their full potential. Hypnotherapy has many useful applications for both psychological and physical issues.

Becky offers help with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Confidence
  • Interview preparation
  • Driving tests
  • Many more conditions


Payment can be made by bank transfer or via my website:

  • Adult appointment
  • £65
  • Adult four session booking
  • £240
  • Teen appointment
  • £55
  • Child appointment
  • £45

Mindfulness courses and training

Becky offers:

  • An Introduction to Mindfulness. This one off short course is perfect for staff training and often leads people on to my longer courses.
  • Becky offers a five week course, Towards Mindfulness, regularly. Please contact me her you would like to know the next course dates.


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