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Yoga Teacher (Devon School of Yoga), Meditation Teacher (Dent Meditation Centre), Aromatherapist (Yorkshire School of Natural Healing), Sound Therapist ( Tim Wheater and Cherub, London)

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Events by Jacqui Payton

A five week block throughout June and July.


July 3, 2024

Small intimate session, perfect for relaxing your cares away and reconnecting with the peace you seek.
A five week block throughout June and July.
A five week block throughout June and July.

Services offered by Jacqui Payton


Jacqui will conduct a full consultation with you and then discuss the most effective method of application or use along with the oils that are tailored for you to help with whatever you need. Aromatherapy sessions with me are now booked by minutes rather than type of treatment.

You will therefore have more choice about how you want your treatment to  progress according to your needs each time. You will also have plenty of time to talk first and to relax after.

We will discuss the length of session required when you are booking in. If it’s your first visit, your consultation time is free.

Treatments include:

  • Full Body Massage
  • Head, Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
  • Hand and/or Foot Massage
  • Aromatherapy ‘Nap’
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Aromatherapy Compresses, Bath Preparations, Inhalations, Diffusions


Here’s an idea of session prices to help You..

  • 45 mins
  • £35
  • 60 mins
  • £45
  • 75 mins
  • £55
  • 90 mins
  • £65
  • 120 mins
  • £80

Somatic Movement for Emotional Release

Jacqui has developed her own brand of healing which is called 'Somatic Movement for Emotional Release' so that you can focus on freedom from the physical and psychological effects of trauma and long-held stress, and return to balance and wellness. She will activate the Vagus Nerve which is now widely understood to soothe and relax the body by flooding it with feel-good hormones. This will allow the body's own natural wisdom to guide us to discharge the nervous system of tension, a process shared by all mammals.

Initially Jacqui is offering individual, family group or paired friends sessions of an hour in length.


Each session will be £50. If you wish to develop a home practice, Jacqui suggests a minimum of 3 sessions in order to feel confident.

If you choose to do the 3 sessions, the cost will be reduced to £130 and you will also be provided with a personalised booklet of the process to use at home.

Sound Therapy

Group Sound Baths

Using a wide variety of different instruments, including vocalisation. In the session you lie or sit comfortably, covered up with a blanket and relax in the vibrations.

One to One Sound Therapy

Lying comfortably on the yoga floor or bed, using appropriate instruments and sounds for you.


Group Sound Baths

  • 1 Session
  • £10 Pay on booking

1-1 sound therapy

  • 60 mins
  • £50

Private group/family sessions


£55 up to 4 persons £13 per person for more than 4 people


Jacqui's form of meditation uses Eastern traditions steeped in the ancient practices of Raja Yoga. A strong emphasis on the breath and mantra bring the mind to peace and joy to the heart.

Learn to meditate by calming the mind, observing the body and using lots of straightforward techniques. Equipping you to start your own meditation practice at home.

One-to-one meditation teaching or private groups also available.

The 'Learn to Meditate' tuition is held over one 75 minute session and one 60 minute session, allowing home practice between sessions.

Jacqui also teaches one-to-one mindfulness meditation for pain and illness, whether the suffering is from acute or chronic long-term pain.
This course is taken at the speed required by the participant in order to cater to individual circumstances and can be completed in the home if necessary. It includes recorded guided meditations for on-going use at home by the participant. The sessions will lead towards an understanding of how to move forwards using meditation as a tool to reduce anxiety, stress, depression and exhaustion caused by pain and illness.

Contact me to discuss your individual needs

A regular meditation 'sitting' group is held every few weeks which you are welcome to join once you've completed the foundation course subject to enough people attending.

Usually Mondays - contact Jacqui for dates.


Individual learn to meditate sessions

  • £80
  • 2 sessions
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